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JAMES REED - Owner/Visionary

James spent the first 25 years of his adult life traveling the world and then settling down in Hailey Idaho to raise his family.  He built log homes and then founded "Animalia", making artisan rocking animal furniture.

In 2006, with their children grown and off to the four corners of the world,  James and Leslee left the mountains of Idaho to live in the Hagerman Valley which is located along the Snake River east of Boise.  At the same time James became involved with several forward thinking people and helped start Idaho’s Bounty;  a local food distribution co-op.  From this experience he became passionate about local food and farmers.  His job at Idaho’s Bounty was to find the farmers and move the food. 

In 2007 James and Leslee found and purchased a very special 5 acre piece of land in the Hagerman Valley and called it Onsen Farm.  An Onsen is a place of beauty, hot water and healing in Japan.  With the 125 degree geothermal artesian water and the 58 degree gravity spring water (just say “no” to pumps) they realized it was the perfect place for growing food year round with the help of greenhouses.   James decided to join the force of organic, sustainable farmers and with the first greenhouse built in 2007, James slowly began learning and absorbing how to farm in greenhouses.   Ten years later James and the crew have added four more greenhouses and is still learning as much as he can about soil and how to grow healthy plants for their CSA Members, and selected grocery stores and restaurants located in Boise and Sun Valley.

Education has always been central to James’ thinking. The educational component of Onsen Farm is thriving and growing, expanding opportunities for the creation of more gardeners and farmers.  James is a student of “The School of Lost Borders”, a teacher training school for wilderness rites of passage.  He leads a 9 day Vision Quest into the deserts of Southern Idaho every spring.



LESLEE REED - Head Cook and Artistic Director

Leslee’s background is in art & design.  Along with her artistic endeavors, Leslee is a pilot and a real estate agent.  In 2006 Leslee and her husband, James Reed, moved from their mountain home in Hailey Idaho to the Hagerman Valley with the desire to create a more “sustainable” existence for themselves.  After searching for many years they found their “Place” at Onsen Farm.    Leslee is the “Artistic Director” of the farm and when she is not painting in her studio she is looking for ways to create more beauty in her surroundings.

Leslee's passion is cooking, especially cooking with local ingredients.  When she is entertaining guests at her dinner table Leslee loves to count how many local foods there are in the meal, and what farms they all came from.  She appreciates being able to walk down to the greenhouses in the middle of winter and harvest kale, chard, spinach and salad greens that are growing there.   One of her specialties is the Banana Tartes Tatin cooking with the banana's that are grown in our first Greenhouse #1.


DANNY O'MALLEY - Greenhouse Manager

Danny has had an interest in sustainable lifestyle practices for the past ten years, and has spent time developing those interests in various ways, which has culminated in his role at Onsen Farm.  He has explored organic and biodynamic farming while spending time at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, CA, as well as working at Peaceful Belly Farm in Boise, ID.  Both of these experiences were turning points in Danny's vision for what he wanted to pursue professionally.  Working with the land helped Danny realize that humans have both a responsibility to steward the Earth, as well as to develop our communities to value their local economy.   

Danny has worked for several small businesses that have instilled this passion for local economy. Most recently he was the production manager at Dawson Taylor Coffee Roasters in Boise, ID.  Working for local businesses and becoming more and more interested in the ability for humans to thrive and act as stewards of the Earth has led Danny to believe that the cornerstone to developing such a lifestyle is to grow good food and get it on the dinner tables of our local neighbors.  Danny and his family are working hard to grow and develop the vision of Onsen Farm, and are brimming with excitement to share this vision of a sustainable food economy with as many people as possible.

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LEXY O'MALLEY - Greenhouse Manager

Lexy discovered her passion for organic farming in 2013 when she started working at Peaceful Belly farm in Boise Idaho.   It was there that she started to see how the pieces and parts of our food system work.  Delving into what kinds of dishes could be made with food that was ready for harvest truly opened up her mind to kitchen creativity and art. 

The following season Lexy chose to deepen her knowledge with more intensive learning through an internship at Earthly Delights Farm in Boise. The internship was a gateway into the world of farm management, seed saving/genetics, and farming practices from around the world.  Casey O'Leary and Earthly Delights Farm gave Lexy a sense of magic and love for seeds, plants, and worldwide food systems.

Lexy is very excited to take the education she received from the farms in Boise and apply them to a working food system in southern Idaho. She has a passion for getting good food into the hands of as many people as possible, and looks forward to putting her energy together with the rest of the Onsen team to cultivate a thriving food source.

Lexy and Danny are excited to be raising their three year old daughter, Finola, on the farm.  Finola loves to help her mother and father with the gardening.