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This winter escape the weary weather and come to our geothermal oasis, basking in the perpetual spring of our lush greenhouses.  Up your garden game with instructor James Loomis and learn the techniques to take your garden beyond organic and into the realms of a regenerative ecosystem.

We'll take an in depth look at how to encourage a robust and resilient garden ecosystem, one that sustains fertility and discourages pests and disease.  Entertaining lectures, hands on learning experiences and proper project participation will accompany fantastic locally grown farm to table meals and leisurely soaks in our geothermal pools.

Topics we'll cover will include:  Soil structure & Biology, Advanced Composting & Compost Teas, Sustained Soil Fertility &  Plant Nutrition, Mixing your own Fertilizers, Beneficial Insects & their Habitat, Crop Rotation, Garden Planning, Greenhouse Growing/Season Extension, and Escaping Winter while submerged in hot water.

Class will begin on Friday at 4pm with presentation and dinner, Saturday will start at 9am and end at 6pm.  Sunday will begin at 9am and end at 4pm.  Both Saturday and Sunday will include a light breakfast and a hearty lunch, plus snacks.

We will have several local rental homes with rooms available for students, along with names of a couple of local motels.  Class is limited to 15 people.  Call Leslee for more information or to sign up at 208/543-0987 or email us at

Cost $250 plus lodging

Earlier Event: April 19
Later Event: March 25