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Instructor:  James Loomis, Head Grower at Onsen Farm Greenhouses

In this workshop students will cover basics of aquaponic theory, it's history and many variations.   From backyard bathtub systems to massive warehouse raft installations, Ebb & Flow to NFT, we will decode hydroponic terminology and explain the dynamic biology in an active re-circulating Aquaponic ecosystem.  After covering the basics of the system design we'll hit the greenhouse and explore Onsen Farm's hybrid AP system.  Students will lock in this knowledge and construct a complete aquaponics system by repurposing an IBC tote into a small backyard food growing machine.  We'll also tackle the techniques with hands on instruction for building a DWC raft system, a suspended NFT run and build a complete bell siphon assembly for each student to take home.

We'll wrap up the workshop with a discussion concerning the hurdles to making Aquaponics a truly sustainable technology.  Solving the issues around energy, materials, and sourcing a truly sustainable fish feed is the main focus of the aquaponic research here at Onsen Farm.

This WORKshop will get down and dirty with all aspects of our commercial AP system.  A system built almost entirely of repurposed materials, heated with geothermal water and cooled with spring water with an end goal of having all nutrition for the fish generated on site.

The Workshop will begin with a meet and greet on Friday at 4pm, followed by dinner and an introduction to Aquaponics technology.  Saturday is a full day intensive and we'll end things on Sunday at 4pm.

Tuition is $160 including four meals (two lunches and two dinners) along with the pleasure of soaking in our hot springs pool.  Space will be limited to 10 persons.  Please call 208/543-0987 or email us at to register.

We have a couple of local homes rented for students.  Accommodations will run approx. $35 per night per person. 

Earlier Event: November 2
Later Event: April 19