About Onsen Farm

Onsen Farm is located in a beautiful area of the Hagerman Valley in southern Idaho, aka "The Miracle Mile", which is renowned for it's abundant spring water and geothermal wells.  This unique resource allows us to heat our 10,000 sq. ft of greenhouses sustainably.  We have a 60 Member Winter CSA, a 20 Member Summer CSA and sell our produce at the Twin Falls Farmers Market from June to October. 

Our 5.5 acre eden-in-the-works boasts a healthy riparian corridor, and while we are developing a portion of the land into pasture and permaculture food forests, we are also hard at work to "un-develop" a healthy share of the land to provide additional native habitat for the local wildlife.

We have four greenhouses where we grow directly in the soil, with a focus on building a robust and dynamic ecosystem.  We use deep organic methods.  Through the addition of worm castings, organic compost, mychorrizae, bio-teas, and an intense cover cropping regimen during the summer months we ensure rich, living soil that produces great tasting and vibrantly nutritious food. We dedicate nearly 15% of our available growing area to habitat for beneficial insects to keep pests in check. 

We are very lucky to have 125 degree artesian geothermal water which enables us to heat our structures with little or no energy.  We are also fortunate to have pressurized spring water from the Lost River Aquifer piped to our farm; fresh clean water that hasn't seen the light of day in two hundred years.   Onsen Farm's mission/vision is to create a model of a permaculture based way of living using sustainable, regenerative and ethical practices in raising healthy food for vibrant people.  

We are very excited about a new project we are working on; a 26 acre farm located very close to Onsen Farm. This property has both the spring water and 130 degree geothermal water. We will be offering various workshops pertaining to agriculture / permaculture, seed saving, art and cooking classes. We are in the early planning stage. “Snake River Earth Arts” will hopefully be up and running later in 2020.  Stay tuned! If you would like to be placed on our mailing list for workshops please email onsenfarm@gmail.com

{Onsen translation = Japanese healing hot springs